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Female Waxing

Female guest is only served by a Female waxing master

Why do women need to do waxing?

Women in early time would do waxing on hands and legs to be beautiful, even conducted < Bikini Waxing> to wear a swimsuit. Nowadays, because of knowledge of the hair of private portions would be hot, uncomfortable, even healthy issues of developing bacteria while menses come in each month, so they will also start to do < private part waxing>, in addition to the trimming of hair at private parts, there are more and more girls choosing < Wings Waxing Salon> for < Brazilian Waxing> services at private parts, < cleaning>,< cooling> and < making health> of private parts! You can make entire body all in < freshly look>!

What are benefits of Hot Wax Waxing?

Our Hot Wax Waxing can < uproot> the hair, and new hair will grow softer than original part gradually. If it has fixed cycle time, you are suggested to have ongoing hair removal process, and the speed of hair growth will be < gradually slow> , and hair also become < finer gradually> , scope of growth also becomes < smaller gradually> . So far, customers who have experienced Hot Wax Waxing process have very good feedback~