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About Wings Waxing Salon

"We are LARGEST" The largest waxing salon in Taiwan with 8 professional branch stores located from north to south of Taiwan.
"We are FIRST" The first waxing salon in Taiwan to combine the essence of professional waxing techniques from Australia, Singapore, France, and Taiwan.
"We are FIRST" The first waxing salon in Taiwan to provide professional full body waxing for both male and female.
"We are FIRST” The first waxing salon founded by a couple, Arnold & Elaine, in Taiwan in 2018.
"We are FIRST” The first waxing salon in Taiwan to obtain "Diploma of Full Body Waxing" and "Diploma of Private Part Waxing" from Australia.
"We are FIRST" The first waxing salon in Taiwan to provide professional waxing for pregnant women, prenatal or during pregnancy.
"We are FIRST” The first waxing salon in Taiwan evaluated with high quality by the majority of customers, and interviewed by various famous TV stations and magazines.
"We are FIRST” The first waxing salon in Taiwan honored with "National Quality Assurance Golden Award" and "Taiwan's No. 1 Brand Award".


Strip Waxing
Hard Wax Waxing

Bikini Waxing
Shape Waxing
Brazilian Waxing
Body Waxing
Pregnant Woman Waxing

Female guest is only served by a Female waxing master
Male guest is only served by a Male waxing master

Technical advanced studies

Elaine and Arnold, in order to quest for more professional waxing techniques:
.The couple visited famous masters and had advanced studies, business trips in Australia
.Instructed by a master who had have 20 years of teaching waxing
.Enhanced quality of "Full body professional waxing" and "Private part waxing"
.Be more aware of "Sanitary waxing" and "Privacy protection"
.Combined essence of "Singapore", "Australia" and "Taiwan"

Wings Waxing Salon ~ Full Body professional waxing
No matter on aspects of environment, equipment, technology,
we both continue the quest for world-class level service.


Award 1: National Quality Assurance Award
Award 2: Taiwan's first brand award

1.Exclusive dealership with overseas waxing products
2.Seek for advanced professional and technical studies abroad and obtain Certificate of Overseas Professional Waxing Technology.
3.Establish complete joining approaches and regulations, and has a number of franchise stores 4.Integrated with professional essence of waxing technology in Australia, Singapore and Taiwan 5.Excellence in domestic network's visibility and rating

High-quality products

Our "Waxing products" and "Skin care products of waxing" are all from Australia. It is recommended by a master with profound experiences of waxing over the past 20 years to our two founders advanced waxing technology to Australia. With less chemical composition but with more natural ingredients inside the product, hence, it reduces chance of suffering allergy after waxing significantly. As of now, these products are not sale on the Taiwan market, except for the "Flagship store and other franchise stores”, where customers can enjoy these high-quality products !

  • Skin protection specific
    products is mandatory before waxing
  • Waxing for full body, dedicated
    hot waxing products
  • After waxing throughout the body,
    dedicated skin care products
  • Dedicated hot waxing products
    for waxing of private parts
  • Dedicated skin care products
    after waxing of the private parts